This Chingona Consults

Marisol is a seasoned coach and consultant whose client list includes public schools (traditional and charter), community based organizations, non-profit organizations, and public corporations having worked with educational systems, non-profit organizations, and business. She is available to work with you, your organization, staff, students, parents and community. She is a partnering consultant with DBC Consulting Inc., The Core Collaborative and Del Sol Group.

The following descriptions are a sampling of what Marisol can offer your community. Please connect with her to discuss your systems individualized needs.

Mission Aligned Strategic Planning, Action and Evaluation (2 day workshop)

All organizations and departments (public, private, non-profit) are most effective when its leadership, staff, and stakeholders feel ownership over a clear mission and the action required to bring it to fruition. Marisol will guide your team through the development/review/revision of your organization’s agreements, mission, vision, and belief statements. This work will serve as the foundation of your organization’s priorities leading to a strategic plan. This plan will include action, identify roles and responsibilities and process to monitor evaluate progress towards your goals. Your time together will result in a multi-year plan that will guide the work within, and between, all levels of your organization. The investment in this work results in clarity, transparency, collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Powerful Partnerships: Meeting Your Collective Mission

Non-profit organizations and government based systems accept the tremendous responsibility of providing high quality programs and services to meet the needs of their communities. Meeting this charge is very complex as non-profits and systems can be overwhelmed due to the high and immediate needs of their chosen population of participants. This is especially true for those serving our most vulnerable populations that include asylum seekers, homeless, foster youth, pregnant/parenting teens, justice involved, and those struggling with violence, substance abuse, and mental health needs. Marisol will provide work with your team and provide the resources and strategies needed to: identify partner organizations that are mission aligned; create an action plan to identify and meet the needs of the community and/or chosen population; partner with other organizations to provide comprehensive and needed services; and identify, apply and receive funding to provide additional services.

Funding Work That Matters

Non-profit organizations exist to make a difference with their chosen population. Community needs can overwhelm organizations especially when barriers their participants include (but are not limited to): poverty; trauma; justice involvement; substance abuse; mental health issues; pregnant and parenting teens; and homelessness. Non-profit leaders and staff carry the immense weight of meeting these needs while trying to provide a high quality programs and/or services. During your time with Marisol you will learn that relief of this burden is possible through an evaluation of internal resources, external partnerships, and external funding. You and your team will learn how to: identify and leverage internal resources; create and facilitate a funding team; lead the grant writing process; and find potential funding sources that match your participant and organization needs. This learning experience will prepare you to find the funding to do the work that truly matters in your community.

Leading Restorative Practices: Creating Space for Restoration, Healing and Growth within Individuals, Teams, and Systems

Restorative practices isn’t just something you do. It’s not a magical initiative that will cure inappropriate, passive aggressive, rude or violent behavior. Restorative practices is what you do based on who you are. It’s a way of being. Restorative practices is a human centered approach to life and work. The most effective leaders have a restorative heart and mind set. They embrace their own humanity, and that of others, through reflection, growth, vulnerability and healing. Effective leaders ensure the same opportunities are provided to staff so that the workplace is not just efficient and effective, but also a place where conflict can be resolved and the work is approached with a lens of community and positivity. Effective leaders recognize that harm in life and work is inevitable and are committed to restoring and growing from these incidences with their staff and communities. Marisol will work with your team to engage in this way of connecting, listening, and working together. You will leave our time together with: a basic understanding of restorative practices and tangible resources to guide circles; resources to build systems, time and space for restorative practices; and strategies to model and coach staff/teams in having difficult conversations, and holding each other accountable in a way that is loving and respectful.

Legitimize the Hustle: Building Career Readiness and CTE Programs in Court & Alternative Schools

Over 60,000 youth are in juvenile detention or correctional facilities (with thousands more on probation), on any given day in the United States . Our nation is also home to 1 over 5.5 million youth, ages 16-24, who are not in school or working2. These youth face the challenges of generational trauma, substance abuse, violence, poverty, teen pregnancy and parenting, and homelessness. Comprehensive services and programs that include healing, educational support, career readiness and training are needed to support our disconnected populations in changing their lives. During our time together, participants will learn how to engage youth through relevant career pathways and opportunities that honor and build their entrepreneurial skills (the hustle) and meet local industry demands. Participants will receive funding, program, community and business resources to build career readiness and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in alternative and court schools.

Leading the Magic in Alternative Education

School leadership is challenging especially in alternative education where resources are limited and student need is great. Magic happens when school leaders build staff and student agency, facilitate agreements on action, and holds members accountable for these agreements and action. This magic increases staff commitment, student achievement, student attendance, community partner engagement and decreases inappropriate behavior, and staff burn-out and dissatisfaction. In this session you will learn how to create programs and systems in alternative education that support students, staff and engages/re-engages families and relatives. You will also learn about and engage in the process of problem based learning based on the cycle of praxis, a method of learning that is relevant and action based.

Be the Change and Create Activists for Education

This learning experience is for those committed to equity in education. Educational systems too often fear the voices of students, staff, and parents, rather than elevating them and providing support. These experiences and voices are direly needed in spaces where decisions about funding, accountability, and expectations are made at the local, state, and national levels. Practitioners, students, parents and community, are critical to education policy and action. This is true in all education systems, and especially in those committed to increasing access to high quality education for all students.In this session you will learn how to define your own voice and find your platform to impact education through educational policy and action. You will receive the tools to support staff, students, parents and community in finding their voice, platform, and path to activism. Participants will also explore funding and partners that can support this important work.