About This Chingona

Marisol Rerucha is recognized as a successful educational leader, with over 20 years experience. She doesn't just talk about restorative practices, equity, social justice, trauma informed care, and generational poverty; she has both lived experience and a proven record of doing this work while leading change in K-12 traditional and charter school systems.

She has formed and used her voice as an educational advocate for students, parents and our communities, while creating space and providing resources for staff, students, and parents to elevate theirs. Marisol’s passion is ensuring all students, including our alternative student population (those pushed out and most marginalized by society and our school systems) have high quality educational experience and are provided comprehensive services. She has engaged in the real work of addressing and ending the school to prison pipeline by building and leading career readiness and career technical education in the juvenile court and community schools. 

The impact of her passion, experience, work, and voice is felt beyond her own community as she serves as a member of the UNIDOS US National Institute for Latino School Leaders inaugural alumni council, is a charter school board member for the largest high school in the State of Colorado, and leads the La Comadre Blog for the San Diego region. Marisol is a former district leader, principal and English teacher who lives in San Diego, California with her husband Daniel. They have three daughters, Camerina, Emilia and Sophia and one granddaughter, Luna.